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We are Biztech Services. We provide the following services:
Rapid Prototyping
Utilizing Stereolithography (SLA)
Computer-Aided Design
Utilizing Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, AutoCAD and Inventor 
Rapid Tooling
Utilizing composite tooling from Stereolithography (SLA)
With RP technologies, an exact physical representation of a product or tooling design can be built from a 3D CAD file - without regard to complexity, without generating engineering design drawings, and without machine or tooling processes.
What this will give you is:
demonstrative or marketing models
verification of form, fit, or function models
concept models for tooling, products, etc
patterns for RTV tooling, epoxy tooling, composite tooling, etc.
And best of all,
The above can be made available in 2 to 3 days
To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, Services, C.A.D. pages, or visit the RP Quote page.