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Soft Tooling (RTV)
Our soft tooling (RTV) process will deliver accurate, cast polyurethane parts in custom colors in a variety of materials to simulate production parts.
The Process
First a SLA master pattern is built and textured to client specifications. Next a form is build around the master pattern and silicone is poured in, encasing the pattern. After the silicone is cured the pattern is removed and the mold is ready for production. The urethane of choice is then color matched and injected into the mold. After the urethane cures the part is removed form the mold, checked for quality and accuracy, then post cured for optimum mechanical properties.
Benefits of Soft Tooling
  • Diverse range of materials in both shore A and Shore D with mechanical properties such as UV stable, high heat resistance, high impact resistance and fire retardant. Some materials are FDA approved for dry goods.
  • Color Matching can be done on most materials.
  • Graphics and lettering it simulate final production.
  • Texturing is easily added.
  • Living hinges with select types of material.
  • Cost efficient for low production volume
  • EMI Shielding can be applied.
To get a quote on soft tooling please visit the RP Quote page.