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Our Mission
To provide a cost effective solution for turning your idea/concept into a functional prototype in the fastest time possible. We do this using the latest technologies such as 3-D CAD simulators and SLA.
We hold your ideas the strictest of confidence. In fact, we’ll put it in writing. Provide us with your confidentiality agreement or NDA and we will return a signed copy to you, before the job is ever started.

Paper to Machine
From a sketch or hand made prototype we create a parametric 3D model.

Stage 1
This 3D CAD model helps maximize your design and give you a real time view of your product while keeping costs to a minimum. It also makes design modifications simply just a push of a button away.

Stage 2
An assembly is then created using the drawn 3D components for evaluation of form, fit and function. The assembly helps refine the design process and detect any significant errors.

Final Stage
After completion of the 3D CAD model 2D prints are generated, reviewed and signed off. An SLA prototype can now be built. You are now literarily just hours away from holding your idea in your hands.

File Export
Many file types can be exported form the 3D CAD model including STL, STEP and IGES.