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File Export
This page should help with explaining how to export files from your current CAD software.
A coarse STL file = 39 KB
An optimal STL file = 160 KB
An excessively fine STL file = 1.2 MB
STL (Standard Tessellation Language)
The STL file was created by 3D Systems and can be exported by most CAD systems. An STL file contains only the surface geometry of a 3D object consisting of vertices and triangles (ordered by the right-hand rule). STL files can be exported in both ASCII and binary, binary is the more compact of the two. Stereolithography requires a STL file to build a part

STL File Resolution:
A file can have a varied rage of resolution, starting form very coarse to very fine. This resolution will have an affect on the final prototype. Most CAD systems have the option of setting the resolution when exporting a STL file. The optimal STL file setting is enough detail to correctly build and have a manageable file size.
To create a STL file in:
1. File > Export > Model
2. Change file type to STL
3. Set chord height to 0. The field will be replaced by minimum acceptable value.
4. Set Angle Control to 1
5. OK
If your CAD software is not listed please contact us.