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Stereolithography (SLA)
With stereolithography, an exact physical representation of a product or tooling design can be built from a 3D CAD file - without regard to complexity, without generating engineering design drawings, and without machine or tooling processes. Listed below are many benefits of stereolithography.
Benefits of Stereolithography
Reduced product development costs and time to market.
Increased product quality and value
Increased overall company competitiveness and earnings potential.
Unprecedented way to quickly make simple or complex parts directly from a CAD model, without tooling.
Natural link to CAD enables you to get more out of your CAD system than just drawings.
Greatly reduced time interval between engineering design and prototype - literally hold the part in your hand the day after it is designed.
Instant feedback to engineering design allows for early error correction.
Flexibility and speed of operation allows for rapid response to design changes - optimize the design prior to full-scale production.
Provides a model for use in pre-production planning and tooling design
Models can be finished and painted to resemble finished products.
Models may be used as patterns for investment castings or injection molds.
Stereolithography services are competitively priced compared to older, conventional methods of making models and prototypes.
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